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Professional Flight Crew Provisioning & Flight Instruction


Flight Instruction

With our Flight Instruction FI(A) license Aerothur Aviation is able to provide flight instruction for Single Engine Piston Classratings.

Our pilot database exists of licensed pilots for the following airplane classes:

Single Engine Piston, Multi Engine Piston, Single Engine Turbine

All pilots are licensed with at least a valid EASA Commercial Pilot License CPL(A)

with SEP, SE-IR, and RT VFR-IFR endorsements plus a valid medical class 1 certificate.

Optional ratings and endorsements are MEP, ME-IR, SET and Multi Crew Certificate.

Professional Flight Crew Provisioning

Aerothur Aviation is able to provide professional flight crew to the airline and aircharter branche.

Aviation mediation

Aerothur Aviation "Intermediary Agency" is a newly, in 2013 started, company which mediates in cooperation with various aviation companies. In this way we arrange all kinds of flights!

Flight Planning

This page is full of useful flight preparation links like airport info, flightplan filing, notams, meteo info including weather and wind maps, hazards etc.

Check the checklist! 

If you are seeking for highly professional flight crew, just mail to: info@aerothur.com

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